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The National Police Shooting Championships

The 2022 National Police Shooting Championships (NPSC) will be conducted with two components:

NPSC Pearl

The on-site Championship Matches will remain at the NPSC home range in Pearl, Mississippi and will be conducted by the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy and the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

NPSC Pearl will kick off with open ranges for unsquadded practice on September 12 and 13. The Magnolia Classic Regional will then be fired September 14 and 15, with NPSC Pearl being fired Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17. Revolver matches will be fired on September 16, and semi-automatic pistol matches will be fired on September 17. Team matches will be fired each day at the end of individual match firing.

NPSC will then start the day after the Regional on Friday, September 16, and use the same schedule and offer the same Matches as the Regional.

NPSC Pearl Registration Form

NPSC Pearl Program

NPSC Postal Tournaments

Individual tournament hosts, clubs, and agencies around the country can run NPSC Postal Tournaments during the same general time frame as NPSC Pearl. This allows competitors who cannot attend this year, or who have never been able to attend the Championships, a chance to participate in the NPSC program.

Competitors seeking to achieve NPSC National Records or NPSC National Champion status must fire at the main NPSC home location in Pearl, Mississippi. Competitors firing at NPSC Postal locations will be part of the Postal National Championship Awards Schedule and will be eligible for regular Registered Tournament National Records.

NPSC Postal Tournaments must be conducted between August 27 and October 3, 2022. Scores for competitors firing at each local NPSC Postal Tournament will be used for that location’s NPSC Postal Tournament Final Results. The scores will later be combined with NPSC Postal Tournament scores from across the country for the NPSC Postal Tournament National Results Bulletin.

Since shooting conditions will vary at NPSC Postal Tournament locations across the county, NPSC National Champions will be determined only using scores fired at NPSC Pearl. The same applies for NPSC Records. This process maintains the unique status of NPSC and the NPSC Champions, while opening up the Championships program to more potential competitors using the Postal Tournament system, long used by the NRA at the local and National level.

Each NPSC Postal Tournament needs a PPC range with a turning target system that can handle a minimum of 10 shooters at a time. There are a few more details and options, but it is similar to running any other Tournament.

Get together with your fellow PPC shooters and check with your club or agency about hosting a NPSC Postal Tournament. Staffing is minimal, hosting is simple, and the application process is fast and easy. Click here for more information.

NPSC Postal Tournament Application

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