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NPSC Practice & Zeroing Day

Date: Sunday, September 17, 2017

Location: NPSC Police Pistol Combat Range

Cost: $8 per relay ticket

Relays Offered

There are three types of relays held on NPSC Practice Day.

  • Match 5 Relay: Range Control will run the 60-round NRA National Police Course of Fire. This will allow competitors to practice at the 7, 15, 25 and 50 yard line as if under match conditions.
  • Match 4 Relay: Range Control will run Match 4, the 25 yard Standing Without Support Course of Fire.
  • Zeroing Relay: At 25 yards, Range Control will allow competitors to fire the number of rounds they choose during the time allotted to fire. Shooters will then be allowed to inspect their target and after all shooters have returned from downrange, allowed to handle their unloaded handgun and make any necessary sight adjustments. Another firing period will then be provided, repeating the process. Shooters will then move to the 50 yard line and the process repeated to check/adjust 50 yard sight zeros.
  • Relay Format: While each relay follows a set course and time limits, shooters may practice whatever stage and fire whatever number of rounds they desire as long as they follow all range commands. For instance, during the Match 4 Relay, instead of firing strings of 12 rounds standing off hand at 25 yards, you could practice left hand barricade or during Zeroing Relays you may practice whatever stages you desire during the open fire period.
  • Multiple Guns: You may fire/zero multiple guns during the Practice Day. As always, guns must be cased or holstered. Just check with Practice Day Range Officers on how, and when you may switch firearms.

Practice Day Ticket Prize Drawing

A Practice Day Prize Drawing will be conducted consisting of donated merchandise. To be eligible for the Practice Day Prize Drawing, competitors must place one of their shooter labels on each ticket or write their name on the Practice Day Ticket and place them in the Practice Day Prize Drawing Box on the range. The names of the winners of the Practice Day Prize Drawing will be posted outside the NPSC Awards Office by Tuesday.

Practice Day Relay Schedule

0800 to 0900 Zeroing Relay
0900 to 0930 Match 5
0930 to 1030 Zeroing Relay
1030 to 1100 Match 5
1100 to 1200 Zeroing Relay
1200 to 1230 Match 4
1230 to 1330 Zeroing Relay
1330 to 1400 Match 5
1400 to 1500 Zeroing Relay
1500 to 1530 Match 4

Target Lane Assignments

Competitors who purchase Practice Day Tickets in advance may select from the available numbered target lanes.

Competitors who purchase Practice Day Tickets on-site will be allowed to choose from any remaining unassigned target lanes.

Practice Day Ticket Purchase

80% of the tickets are available for advance purchase. The remaining 20% are sold onsite. Practice Day Tickets may be purchased by completing the Practice Day Ticket Order Form and sending it as noted at the bottom of the form or by calling NRA Law Enforcement Competitions at 703-267-1632.

Phone orders are taken from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Payment must be made by credit card at time of purchase. Practice Day Tickets will be mailed to you so you have them immediately and do not have to wait in line to pick them up on-site.

The deadline for advance purchase of Practice Day Tickets is Friday, September 1.

The remaining tickets will be available for on-site purchase beginning in the afternoon on Saturday, September 16 at the NRA Store.


You will be provided one B-27 cardboard target and B-27 Repair Centers for each Practice Day Ticket to use as you decide.

You MUST provide your OWN staple gun, tape, or spray glue to attach Repair Centers.

Law Enforcement Firearm Competitions

The NRA Law Enforcement Division offers a complete police shooting program to police departments and law enforcement agencies to encourage patrol officers to gain more experience, training and time on the range using their duty firearms.